La Cabeza

 Illustration for the iberoamerican magazine "La Cabeza" . This artwork was previously made with the main idea of inspirate a little tale based on folcklore story from my hometown [Medellín - Colombia]. Will be published at the 11th edition of the magazine, comming up soon.

Sketch | Boceto

Final Illustration

 If you want to see the details of the final illustration click HERE

Ilustración editorial

Me enviaron unas fotos de la ilustración que hicimos para la revista Sanitas en su edición N-133. Se siente bien ver cositas impresas 💛

Santa Sangre

My first "serious" painting (?)
I never felt so overwhelming feeling painting a white canvas. I think I can say is one of those moments when you are relly enjoying the process.

Name: Santa Sangre
Size: 1m x 1m
Available for sale, for more info please contact me here: julianaesjulieta[at]