"Hope" - Featured on Karma Magazine

Karma Magazine it´s a digital mag from Argentina that wants to expose and share the works of different artists inside the media of design, ilustration and photography.

Each issue has a different concept and the works that they show are related to the theme selected, this current edition is about "HOPE" here is the illustration that i made for it.

I made this illustration inspired on the sentene "Hope is the spur of life" then I did some sketches basing on some references, the house means life and the responsibility that comes with it and the courage that you need to live it.

This illustration is available as a wallpaper too HERE,  you can download it and you are free to Share — to  distribute and transmit the work

Under the following conditions:

Attribution: You must attribute the work in the manner specified by me (Juliana Cuervo).

Non-commercial: You may not use this work for commercial purposes.

No Derivatives: You may not alter, transform, or build upon this work.


If you want to see the full issue of Karma Magazine (Firefox recommended )http://www.karma-magazine.com/

Bachelorette [Wallpaper]

Hey guys! this is the first of a comming wallpaper series that I will made during this year, feel free to download it and share it! I will really appreciate if you can give me the credits of this illustration.

This illustration is a fan art that i made to one of my favorites bjork songs named “Bachelorette” on the back of the girl there’s a few words of the lyric like:

“I’m a fountain of blood
In the shape of a girl “
“Drink me, make me feel real”

If you like it and want to download it, please go to this link:Wallpaper
Hope you like it!
Some Screen Captures on my tumblr! 

Follow my work on tumblr!!

He guys! in search to promote my work, now you can follow it on tumblr, there you can find the most selected works, work in progress and rad and inspirational things. This is the branding logo I made for it! and Here is my page: http://julianacuervo.tumblr.com/

Let love rule!

Design for SIGG

Hello everybody! I'm not the kind of person that usully ask these favors, actually when people ask me this this kind of things on facebook I usually do like: "what??!!" are you kidding me...go! and get a life... but... this time i got to do this I've learn.. well you can hate me for a while too.  I'm asking to everybody if they can vote for a design i just did for SIGG the company that specializes in reusable aluminum water bottles. It's easy and simple! you just have to click on "CLICK ME" or click on the image wich is my submission.

and vote with your facebook or twitter account or both if you want, and if you want share it on your facebook wall or twitter timeline, maybe there are more people that also want to support and vote. In exchange I can offer nothing, just a big thank you and if you like the design, a beautiful wallpaper for you computer.

If you want to see the design in full detail, please go to the following link. http://bit.ly/HApXgf but dont forget to vote!

This is all my friends!! again thanks for the support, feel free to share this post! =)

Best regards