Blue Sky Short Film
"Nubesology" the science of clouds, has been created only with a metaphysical idea, the joy of seeing a beautiful object created by a human hand escaping and living by his own. Everything was made in stopmotion, more than 7GB in photos.

This little short film was made for an animation curse (FUC) in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Directed by: Juliana Cuervo Muriel
Producers: Gabriella Gozzerino & Antonella Pires
Photography: Barbara Pittera
Art Directors: Annie Fajardo, Catalina Romero, Juliana Cuervo Muriel.
Edition: Wlady Ortega & Juliana Cuervo Muriel.
Music: Café de París.
Animators: The whole team

This Material is used with demostration purposes only
Cafe de Paris [1930-41]
24 Accordeon Classics

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