- Cover Artwork Design -
Client: Monofónicos Netlabel
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- Cover Artwork [Front] -

 - Cover Artwork [Back] -

Monofónicos Netlabel is a record label with free music distribution, they got about over 20 releases by local artists of Medellín - Colombia in several lines including the MNE line wich consist in experimental sounds designed specifically to explore new artistic and sonorous worlds, all this reflected too in the cover artworks of ich release all of them. handmade 

This time i got the chance to do the cover artwork of an amazing artist called "booiamrudolf" his music is a delight mix of sounds and experimentation combined with melodies and some chaos. The EP is called "Lábil" (Labile in english) i made this design inspired with his music and with materials like watercolours, ink, paper and one post it.

 - Making of -

The release will be out for free download at Monofonicos.net this week.

Here is a note made for the artist (booiamrudolf) about my work: http://booiamrudolf.blogspot.com/2012/03/fantastic-artwork-for-my-next-release.html

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