Machu Pichu as a Tiny Terrarium

Some things I've learned from this illustration: 

1. I can work very fast (research, sketch and final artwork made only at 3 hours) 
2. Being lazy and let your work for another day is the worst idea you can take (work now or never) 
3. Music is very important to get a rythm meanwhile you are working. 
4. if you work for other countrys you have to get familiarized with the time zone. 

This was an entry for a competition of an illustration agency the assignment was "Little terrariums",  but unfortunately I can not submitted just for 10 minutes :( probably I will sell it as a wall art so let me know if you are interested!

Here's the skecth 

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sandra dijo...


Is it ok if I use this as my icon in my Spanish classes blog?
Id put the source and credit.

thank you, gracias,

Sandra Flores