Animated music videos

Here are 6 animated music videos that I recommend.

1. We started with this video of Red Hot Chili Peppers, made in the year 1996 a total influence for me, at that time had only 6 years, is one of my favorite bands and this video brings back many memories. Beavis & Butthead was hot for those days, and this was the soundtrack of his movie in 96.
2. Radiohead - Paranoid Android, from 97. I think since I saw this video I became a complete fan of radiohead. Actually i  remember that this video really scared me a bit. [but not now :P]
3. Well, the Muppets have always been my company since I can remember, how can not include them, these are the funniest and sweetest characters i've ever known
4. Gorillaz - Feel Good inc. I like the music they make, and the characthers and the animation of their videos are very well done. I love this song :P
5. Dirty Melody-Wood, good music, the characters and the animation is very well achieved.

6. Coldplay - Strawberry Swing, just one of my favorites, I love this kind of animations.

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Really nice collection of videos. Thanks for sharing it

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